Muriel Soriano grew up in New York where she attended NYU and studied psychology and art. She then continued her studies in London and graduated in Fine Arts from Ealing Art College. After becoming a scarf designer for Liberty's of London she moved to France and later trained as an art therapist. She has worked extensively with adults and children. Her interest in foreign cultures and human diversity, as well as her love of nature, are her principle sources of inspiration.
Having lived in France near Honfleur for the past 25 years, she recently moved back to England, and has presently set up her studio in Devon.

2015 Group show, “Reflets”, Greniers à Sel, Honfleur, France
2015 Exhibit, Gallery Manuceau, Paris, , France
2014 Group show, Jarafo Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2014 Group show, “Pile ou Face”, Greniers à Sel, Honfleur, France
2013 Group show in Daejeon and Gumi, South Korea
2013 Group show, Maziart Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2013 Private one man show, Rue Campagne Première, Paris
2013 Group show “Face à Face”, Greniers à Sel, Honfleur, France
2012 Group show “Temps Présents”, Greniers à Sel, Honfleur, France
2011 Group show “Univers d’Artistes”, Greniers à Sel, Honfleur, France
2010 Exhibit, Gallery Fremont, Le Havre, France
2009 Exhibit in Grand Hotel "Le Normandie", Deauville, France
2007- 2008 Exhibit Art Circuit Gallery, Rennes , France
2007 Exhibit La Cote Rouge, Gallery Caen, France
2006 Exhibit, Jean Claude Herrault’s, Honfleur, Normandy
2006 Art Event, Antwerp, Belgium
2005 Fresco painting, Paris, France
2004 Exhibit, Le Clos St François, Normandy, France
2003 Private show in Brussels
1990 - 2002 Regular Watercolour and silk painting Exhibits in Normandy
1990 - 1997 Regular Exhibits ,« One off » department Liberty's, Regent St. London
1990 - 2002 Opening and managing "L'Atelier de Soie",a permanent show room, Cormeilles, Normandy, France
1992 Solo exhibit, Ginette Willer's, Honfleur, Normandy, France
1990 Solo exhibit , Jean Claude Herrault's in Honfleur Normandy, France
1989 Several private shows in Lyon, France
1989 Several private shows in Lyon, France
1981-1988 Silk exhibit for the " One Off " department of Liberty's Regent Street, London and several london galleries
1974- 1988 Divers Exhibits in Norfolk, UK ; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ; Teheran, Iran